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Not just an App, but the App to get that "YES" so you comply with GDPR.

Simple install: Just add one line of code to your web-page. Fits any web-site.

Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel anytime:


69 /month

Fits Small sites & blogs

ca 100 000 sessions per month (300MB Bandwidth, upgradeable)

Two-languages English + one more

Storage & Export managed in own database within EU to comply with GDPR with manual export.

Support instructor-led web-training



179 /month

Fits Medium-sized sites & blogs

ca 300 000 sessions per month (1GB Bandwidth, upgradeable)

Multi-language Any language and as many as you prefer.

Storage & Export managed in own database within EU to comply with GDPR with automatic handling settings.

Support Phone & E-mail Support on top of web-training



399 /month

Fits Larger sites & blogs

ca 1 500 000 sessions per month (5GB Bandwidth, upgradeable)

Multi-language Any language and as many as you prefer.

Storage & Export managed in own database within EU to comply with GDPR, automatic handling & REST-API for integration with any other system.

Support Phone & E-mail Support on top of web-training


Need more?

Let’s talk.

If your company needs are larger than any of our plans, let’s talk.


Start getting new subscribers compliant with GDPR. No term of notice. No obligations. No risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long are your contracts?
You pay by month, and you can just take the contacts and quit whenever you feel you don't want more subscribers.

What is meant by sessions?
All web-pages have a number of visits per month, and the App will be shown at least once for a new such session.
How do I sign up?
Just order the package that you think fit you best now. You can always upgrade or downgrade later. If a plan is too small for you, it won't stop and mess up your web-page, but you'll be notified and an overage charge just based on the actual usage applies unless you cancel or upgrade your plan which you can do immediately.
What conversion rate can I expect, will people really fill in their details?
You can set the App to only show for those who clicks in an email, if you add ?utm_email=[recipients-email-address] and have the recipients real e-mail address for all your send-outs, then the e-mail will be pre-filled for the visitor, making it very easy to fill in, and from these visitors, considering they are already in your database, and obviously interested in your material (since they click), you can expect a very high conversion ratio, and we have seen this to be the best way of getting the consent from your existing database. Of course, the ones who are new to you, and who have to also fill in their e-mail address, the conversion ratio will be considerably lower as can be expected.
Where will my contacts be stored, and how do I access them?
In order to comply with GDPR it is located within the EU, in Gothenburg, Sweden. In order to also comply with even stricter and additional regulations e.g. for the medical and financial industries, the contact details are not just stored in a database together with all other clients' contacts, but an own database of yours will be set up at no extra charge in which ONLY your contacts will reside for the ultimate security and integrity of your contact details.

You will get a log in to be able to either export your contacts at will, to set up automatic handling – like replies, autoresponders and/or notifications to you – or you can use the powerful API to integrate it with the system of your choice.
Won't this only mean I get consent to store and get back via e-mail?
Yes and no. Out of the box, we believe you should go asking for permission to store and get back using e-mail first since this is both cost-effective for you, and it is the area which is judged by the public to be the most important area to regulate as people wants to reduce spam.

From the on-line instructor-led training included, you will also learn how you can ask for consent also for sms, phone, address and other information as a further follow-up as well.
Which languages are supported?
Generally, you should obviously use the same language to ask in as the text used on your web-page. For the Light product, you will have the choice of English plus one more of the languages we already produce for the App, they are currently: English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Swedish.

We look forward to supply every language in this form for the Base-plan and upward, but may need your help with suggesting a translation at the time of the first on-line instructor-led webinar.
Can I customize the look?
Yes, it comes with a modern design based on bootstrap by default, but when you know your html/css, you can customize it completely to your liking, or ask us or anyone else to do it for you.

What does your instructor-led online training mean and would I need it?
The App is as easy to get started with as pasting one line of code to the page where you'll want to pop the question.

To get the most out of the App, you'll be invited to an instructor-led online training, and it will even have up to three events in total depending on how deep into all possibilities you want to go, but through documentation or just the first training session, you'll be able to export your details of consented contacts.
Isn't this going to be annoying for my web-site visitors?
We believe your content is valuable. We also bet you wouldn't write it unless it was valuable both to you and to your visitors. And if it's valuable, why would they then object? And after all, you offer them to provide the service to notify them when you have goodies for them in the future, and they both have the choice to not give their consent, and also to not read your content. If you're afraid this will be shown to people who have already given their consent, we certainly suggest you leave it at its default setting to NOT be shown for a returning visitor who has already given her consent.

You can also compare this to asking about permission to set a cookie.



anApp is developed by the Swedish Company Cnvert.
Company Name
Cnvert Sweden AB
Bror Nilssons Gata 5
Gothenburg, SWEDEN
We work with forward-looking companies and help provide increased conversion in web & sales in as simple and professional way as possible.